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Excellent Finish!

Excellent Finish!

David Vršecký has finished his racing premiere at the Navarra circuit. After a dramatic race he has ended a single rank below the podium, and Yuri Jegorov has ranked seventeenth.

David started the race from the second row with the aim to reach to one of the podium ranks. However, the start was not as he had expected and in the course of the first lap he was overtaken by the pair Östreich-Lacko. "At that moment I said to myself that the race was long and there was no point in trying to force my way forward at any cost," revealed David. His prediction proved to be correct. In the course of a duel between the quickest pilot of the time practice, Kiss, and the local favourite Albacete, their trucks crashed. While Norbert dropped to the fifth rank, Antonio had to withdraw from the race prematurely. Thus David moved to the fourth rank and in the course of the rest of the race kept fiercely attacking the Hungarian trucker. At the beginning of the seventh lap he had to give up. "I could not do anything he was clearly quicker," confirmed David Vršecký. "I did not want to risk contact, anyway, I said to myself that I was up to more." David was correct in this prediction too. At the beginning of the final lap Kiss overtook the third Lacko and thus assured a podium rank for himself. Soon after that Adam had to capitulate in a duel with David. "No podium, but regarding the progress of the race a good ten score points for the fourth rank. After Misano I have again overcome Adam, which is good, considering his qualities," said David after the race.

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