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Fantastic Weekend Closed by Vršecký ´s Third Rank, Lacko Right Below Podium

Fantastic Weekend Closed by Vršecký ´s Third Rank, Lacko Right Below Podium

After the double in the main Sunday cup race the Buggyra pilots won the second rank in the Constructors´ Cup when David Vršecký ranked third and Adam Lacko finished the last Most race right below the podium ranks.

When the first eight pilots lined up for the fourth weekend race in the opposite order of their ranks in the previous race, the pilots of Buggyra had to take the fourth row. But the fans on the crowded tribunes believed in their success on the circuit and stayed until the late afternoon race. After start, which was not without complications, the Buggyra pilots maintained their ranks, i.e. the seventh and the eighth rank in the order Vršecký, Lacko.

First of all Norbert Kiss gave up from the first rank due to a technical issue and then the Czech pair started to attack the higher ranks. They worked their way forward lap by lap until in the fifth lap of the eleven-lap race Vršecký reached the rear bumpers of the second ranking Albacete. Vršecký attacked him for the rest of the race but the experienced matador stayed calm.

"Of course the second race of the day was much more difficult for we started from the fourth row. I do not remember when we struggled so hard last time. For more than five laps I pressed on Albacete but there was nowhere to attack him directly. But despite that it was a fantastic weekend. One victory and two third ranks is the answer to every question,“ said the third ranking Vršecký.

"David and I obtained most points of all, forty two each, which is our record of this season. It was really a weekend from a dream. I tried really hard in the last race, which is shown by the difference of the four pilots in the finish, which was eighth tenths of a second,“ said the satisfied Lacko after the race.

The Buggyra team reduced the advantage of the first team of Lutz Bernau in the constructors´ cup by 18 points. Adam Lacko maintained his fourth rank in the individual ranking while Vršecký advanced to the fifth rank in front of Bösiger.

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