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Fat Boy Brings Kolomý Together with Dakar Stars Right below Podium

Fat Boy Brings Kolomý Together with Dakar Stars Right below Podium

San Rafael/San Juan - The Tatra Buggyra Racing team has recorded another great improvement in the Dakar race. The third stage of the rally was completed by the crew of Martin Kolomý right below the podium ranks. Thanks to the fourth rank the crew also moved upwards to the 11th interim rank in the overall classification.

"We rank eleventh and lose one hour, one minute and one second after the winner. This must be a signal. So many ones might generate further ones, am I right? " asked in the finish the pilot Martin Kolomý with his typical smile.


The third stage of the race from San Rafael to San Juan was planned to include a three hundred kilometre transfer and a three hundred kilometre measured section. However, the organizers shortened the route twice. The finish was eventually at 222nd kilometre already. "The weather was very hot but still there was a shower. The organizers were afraid of the forecast strong storms and so they opted for the route shortening to avoid possible complications," explained the reason for the change the navigator David Kilián. 


Despite the changed route length the trucks climbed to 3 000 metres above sea level and had to pass a narrow and hard stony road which caused a lot of defects to the vehicles. Nearly all had to stop at one point or another. "We also had some problems. We lost a couple of minutes by a repair of the torn off tyre blower. Luckily we avoided larger technical defects, which was a little miracle for the road was horribly destructed," said the pilot Martin Kolomý. 


The Fat Boy coped with the route excellently and arrived for the so far best Dakar rank of this season. The podium was a narrow miss, when the Fat Boy only lost with three rivals this time. The shortest time was achieved by the Russian pilot with a Kamaz. Kolomý lost mere less than six minutes behind him. "All will be decided in Valparais, and so there is no point in thinking that we might have won if we had not stopped. This is a marathon competition based on addition of times. There is no "what if" in place here," reminded Kolomý. 


The other Czech teams, especially those with Gyrtech support, were not lost in the third stage of the race either. The crews of both MK Racing and Bonver Project ranked within the first 25. 


The third instalment of the Dakar series did not change the holders of the leading interim ranks in any way. The Dutch De Rooy keeps the interim lead. Tatra Buggyra Racing has improved its interim ranking by three ranks, moving from 14th to 11th rank. So many ones in the result sheet by the name of Kolomý caused great pleasure in the team in the bivouac who believe that the ones should bring good luck to the crew. 


The Wednesday 4th stage may considerably change the situation in the competition. The nearly nine hundred kilometre route from San Juan to Chilecito includes two measured sections with the total length of 657 km. Their sum will represent the longest measured section if this year ´s Dakar Rally. "We will try to drive in a manner most likely to eliminate all risks. We will be especially careful about the tyres to avoid unnecessary repairs, but otherwise we will go at maximum possible speed. I hope the route will be hard for us to be able to reduce the loss of the first day. I like tests like this most," Martin Kolomý of the Tatra Buggyra Racing team looked forward to the next day. He will start the next stage of the race right behind Aleš Loprais. Thus he will have his Czech rival at the gun sight all the time.


Results - Stage 3 (222 km): 1. Karginova (RUS) Kamaz 3:21:29, 2. De Rooy (NED) Iveco +2:42, 3. Loprais (CZE) Tatra +4:54, 4. Kolomý (CZE) Tatra Buggyra +5:53, 5. Vila Roca +7:20, 17. Tománek (CZE) Tatra +41:15, 19. Valtr (CZE) Liaz +49:00, 22. Vrátný (CZE) Tatra +56:34, 23. Ardavichus (KAZ) Tatra +59:03, 25. Vildman (CZE) Liaz +1:08:28. 


Overall: 1. De Rooy (NED) Iveco +10:10:53, 2. Van Vliet (NED) MAN +18:49, 3. Karginov (RUS) Kamaz +39:10, 4. Stacey (NED) Iveco +45:36, 5. Loprais (CZE) Tatra +45:58, 11. Kolomý (CZE) Tatra Buggyra +1:01:01, 20. Tománek (CZE) Tatra 2:39:00, 21. Vildman (CZE) Liaz +2:53:09, 22. Ardavichus (KAZ) Tatra +2:58:04, 23. Valtr (CZE) Liaz +3:03:58, 27. Vrátný (CZE) Tatra +3:45:28.


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