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Petr Bošnakov - 07.04.2020

FIA European Truck Racing Championship: Races postponed

Despite the current situation with COVID-19, the structure of 2020 FIA European Truck Racing Championship season’s calendar will mostly remain unchanged. That is the official message from the organisers at ETRA Promotion GmbH. However, there will be several changes to the schedule.


FIA European Truck Racing Championship: Races postponed

The most important one is a new date for a race at Misano. Instead of the original date May 23 to 24, the race near the Adriatic Sea will take place on November 14 to 15. “Hats off to the organisers. We’ve been having discussions on how to save the whole season since the beginning of this coronavirus crisis, and I think we’ll be able to do that,” says the team manager Jan Kalivoda. “I’d really like to be wrong, but it looks like the truck racing will be one of the very few racing series to survive with the least changes to the original format,” he adds. “The ETRA and circuit owners do a magnificent job. It’s true, that the November race will play a big role in our Dakar planning, but of course, we will race at Misano in full strength. However, we might bring our engineers from abroad, as we will fight on many fronts at the same time. Or we at least hope that we will,” says the team owner Martin Koloc.


Also, there was a swap of dates between Jarama and Le Mans. While the race in Spain is now scheduled for September 26 to 27, France will host the race a week later. “In this case, we’re very delighted with the change. In comparison to previous seasons, we will be coming back to the Czech Republic after the first race and our logistic storehouse can be in Germany, instead of France. By that time, we will probably need more spare parts because Adam and Téa should be joined by Aliyyah as well,” says logistic manage and BTC operations manager Petr Marek.

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