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Fifth and Sixth Rank Opening Sunday Racing Day

Fifth and Sixth Rank Opening Sunday Racing Day

In the first Sunday race the Buggyra pilots ranked fifth (David Vršecký) and sixth (Adam Lacko). Thus the pilots of the Czech team will start the handicap ace from the second row.

As soon as in the Sunday warm-up the Czech pilots confirmed benefits of the next change of setting. This was further supported by the time practice result when both David Vršecký and Adam Lacko easily advanced to the Super Pole. There they got the third row in the cup race starting grid in the ranking Vršecký and Lacko.

Before the first Sunday race the winner of the Red Bull Air Race of 2010 Hannes Arch appeared above the Spielberg circuit, passing over the home straight showing an exemplary knife flight. In addition Arch greeted the numerous audience through his walkie-talkie wishing the pilots good luck in the race.

After start the lead was taken through a sovereign manoeuvre by Jochen Hahn, followed by Antonio Albacete. The Hungarian pilot Kiss thus dropped one rank lower.

Start was also successful on the part of the Buggyra pilots, who maintained their starting positions. In the course of the following laps David Vršecký tried to attack the fourth ranking Markus Bösiger. Even though the Czech pilot tried an attack several times, eventually he began to develop a loss behind Bösiger.

"I had problem with the output, but I do not know why. Now we have less than three hours for finding the cause of our problem and preparing our trucks for the second race,“ said the fifth ranking Vršecký after the race.

Adam Lacko finished with the sixth rank and a loss of less than three seconds behind his team mate. "I must say that the local conditions keep changing. Yesterday I had a better impression of the day so we must do something about it. But the second race only starts after five pm and the conditions will be different again,“ said Lacko.

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