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Finish by Will Strength

Finish by Will Strength

On Friday David spoke about adrenalin in connection with the circuit. In the Sunday cup race he had more than enough of it.

He started from the third row after sixth best lap time in the super pole. He also finally ranked sixth in the cup race. At first sight a not very interesting race from Vršecký´s point of view. But in this case more than any other time the "Opposite is true" applied. "In the fifth lap David reported brake overheating, with the temperature reaching over 600 degrees, and lost two seconds per lap," noted the technical director of the team Robin Dolejš in the middle of the race. "We hoped he would finish the race somehow." "Not a very good feeling, luckily Reinert and Bösiger fought for the seventh rank so fiercely that they failed to notice my sparing way of driving," stated the eventually sixth Vršecký in the finish. "The last three laps were completely without brake fluid, the truck did not brake at all. I prayed for not to catch fire for most of the race. I am glad I got to the finish somehow."

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