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Forget Quickly!

Forget Quickly!

There are moments in life which should be quickly forgotten. If David decides to wipe any racing weekends from his memory, then the Nogaro 2012 weekend will be the first among them!

Like the day before the mechanics did an excellent job and the truck was prepared for full-fledged performance after the collision with Östreich. But all ended differently. "Immediately after start Reinert began to turn around in front of me for incomprehensible reasons. I could not do anything and crashed into him in full speed. The truck did not fall into pieces, surprisingly," described David the start of the race, where he ranked eleventh from the second lap, while his Buggyra resembled an armed vehicle of infantry rather than a racing special. Another obstacle to his flight came in the seventh lap when the trio Vršecký, Albacete and Lacko was ordered to the compulsory pass through the pits for alleged exceeding the maximum permitted starting speed of 70 km/hr. "In such moments you do not even have the strength to be angry. If I had known we could have had a coffee with the mechanics between the races and enjoy ourselves instead of all the work," glossed Vršecký the situation after which he dropped to the thirteenth rank. He passed the finish line eleventh but later learned that following penalisation of Albacete and Hahn he moved to the ninth rank. "If nothing then I beat Antonio twice, and he has more champion titles than me. And also the acting champion. Anyway, I will hurry home today."

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