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Luboš Veselý - 07.01.2019

Forty-First Edition of Dakar Rally Opened! Kolomý and Šoltys Introduce Themselves on Podium!

Forty-First Edition of Dakar Rally Opened! Kolomý and Šoltys Introduce Themselves on Podium!

At last! The Sunday podium ceremony started the forty-first edition of the most demanding long-distance race of the world, the Dakar Rally. Both crews of the Tatra Buggyra Racing team raised their arms to greet thousands of enthusiastic fans!


“This year is untraditional in that the programme of today only includes the podium ceremony. No stage today, there are lots of people here, the atmosphere is excellent and the boys enjoy it very much. Clearly Dakar Rally is very popular in Peru,“ commented on the ceremonial opening of the competition the team manager Jan Kalivoda.


Martin Kolomý enjoyed the atmosphere of the ceremonial opening a lot. “There are crowds of fans here, I like it very much. We have given them our promo objects and introduced ourselves a little, for we certainly do not want to ride at the tail,“ said the winner of two Dakar stages in the past. “I cannot wait to begin. Tomorrow we will drive over a two hundred kilometre pass and an eighty-kilometre-long speed test, which is a wonderful warm up. So we will fire the boiler“ he said with determination.


“Very mice here, a big show, a lot of people, it is nice to look at,“ described Martin Šoltys the atmosphere of the opening podium ceremony in lima with enthusiasm. “Our minds are already in the race, though. We are all very much looking forward to the real start tomorrow.“


The first stage from Lima to Pisco will include a 247 kilometre long pass and an 84 kilometre long speed test! The truck category should be started around half past seven pm Central European Time.

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