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Free Trainings for Buggyra!

Free Trainings for Buggyra!

Free trainings opened the fourth racing weekend of the European Race Truck Championship 2009 in Nogaro, France. Both trainings were dominated by the drivers of Buggyras.

The last two champions of the Old Continent shared victory in the free trainings, thus confirming the reputation of the significant progress in the setting of their racing specials. “I like Nogaro and as I said before departure, I would like to win here after all”, said David Vršecký. Markus Bösiger, who has already enjoyed a victory on the technically very demanding track twice in his truck racing history, appreciated the improved functioning of his special. “Free training is not about scores, not even about the starting position in the cup races. But it still says a lot about the condition of the trucks and their drivers”, added Bosiger. On the contrary, the opening day of the extended racing weekend was not so successful for the other hot favourites of the championship. Albacete ´s MAN bothered with the turbo charger, while Johen Hahn resolved an issue concerning his differential.

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