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Petr Bošnakov - 12.11.2019

Go-Ahead Youth Forward

Go-Ahead Youth Forward

Although the truckers now face the traditional long winter pause, the Buggyra Racing team already have a clear idea about the coming season 2020. While Adam Lacko will pilot a new racing special VK50, Teo Calvet will “inherit” his truck of the last season. Aliyyah Koloc will be presented in the Buggyra of 2018, and Oly Janes will mainly focus on the British championship.


Both David Vršecký, and Robin Dolejš, as the chief constructor and the racing engineer, respectively, found their strategy on the time-tested assumption that in the case of Teo and Aliyyah the technology will be ahead of the pilots´ skills, especially in the first stage. “We have no problem with this, it is always better when an inexperienced pilot can use top-standard technology than vice versa,” responds David Vršecký, at the same time revealing the team strategy. “We have plenty of data available and so when Teo and Alliyah achieve their lap times half a second slower than Adam, we will begin adapting the trucks to the perception and skills of the pilots. Before we start doing this they will test, race, consult every lap and speed up one tenth of a second after another “


For better understanding, the loss of half a second after Adam Lacko equals to the level of the seventh best pilot of the Old Continent. “When a pilot reaches this stage the discussion with him begins to make sense. But Teo and Aliyyah must be racing, and the will always find their rivals on the circuit. They will feel their adrenalin of winning a duel for the decent twelfth rank, and euphoria over their first super pole. And they will advance race by race. Both of them are talented enough for that…“


The better starting situation, according to David, is obviously on the side of Teo Calvet, who has already taken part in a couple of editions of the French championship. “There will probably be no technological miracle on his part, but on the other hand, confrontations with pilots like Faure, or Crozier, can be for the benefit of the thing. In the case of Aliyyah haste will be the greatest mistake. Anyway, the results with the racing go-kart are wonderful…“ 

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