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Gold Finish

Gold Finish

David Vršecký won the last race of the European Race Truck Championship in Most. Michal Matějovský ranked twelfth.

After start David held the second rank after Vojtíšek, in addition to the expected attack of the leading rank having to fight off attacks of the Hungarian trucker Kiss, who even overtook our pilot for a while at one moment. "Even when I ranked third I believed in a good end,“ revealed David in the finish. It needs to be said that David helped his good luck a lot indeed. First he managed Vojtíšek and when a couple of laps before the finish Kiss involuntarily left the circuit he suddenly found himself in the lead. Then the audience at the domestic circuit could enjoy a piquant duel, Vršecký – Lacko, for a domestic victory. "At that moment I was calm. Adam is a more transparent rival than Norbert. And I knew that my truck was quicker than his,“ described David the last part of the race, which he really enjoyed. "When I was approaching the final straight I realized that I had not won a race this season yet. So I chose the best possible venue for the first victory.“

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