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Good Luck, Uwe!

Good Luck, Uwe!

In the course of this week the Buggyra management plans to publish the name of the pilot who will defend colours of the Czech team this season. One thing is clear already, the name is not going to be Uwe Nittel!

German sources have informed that last year ´s newcomer to truck racing has just signed a contract with Lutz Bernau´s team. "We had some discussions with Uwe after the end of last season, but eventually we came to the conclusion that the best solution would be a correct parting. I would like to thank Uwe for the good work he did for Buggyra last season," said in response to Nittel´s engagement the team manager Jan Kalivoda. The same was also the reaction of David Vršecký. "Uwe joined us at the last moment last year. It was a difficult year and he helped us a lot. I view his achievement in my team absolutely positively. Transfers are part of our sport," said David. "By this selection Lutz Bernau has again proved his excellent knowledge of the environment. I would like to wish Uwe good luck in his new team. I am looking forward to our mutual duels on the circuits."

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