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Great Chase by David the Champion!

Great Chase by David the Champion!

Albacete – Vršecký 159 : 125. This was exactly the score after the third racing weekend of this year ´s European Race Truck Championship taking place in Albacete, after which David ´s loss after his Spanish rival amounted to 34 points.

But before the last race of this season in Jarama the situation is completely different. Before the weekend in which the European Championship will culminate and finish a recapitulation of David ´s chase resulting in the current score is certainly worth making. In Nogaro the duel between Vršecký and Albacete resulted in 52:44 ratio. The decisive role was played by David ´s gain of 35 score points in the full-score races. After that the truckers moved to Barcelona. At David ´s favourite track he defeated Antonio by 50:46. His weekend victory was decided on Saturday when he gained six points over his rival. Also the following racing weekend at the Nürburgring track ended in favour of the champion title defender, this time with the ratio 52:40. The main decision was made on Sunday when in the opening cup race Antonio lost ten points in his duel with David. The first triumph of Albacete after the series of three losses came in Most, where the Spaniard won over David with the score ratio of 53:52. Even three cup victories were not enough for our trucker to make up for the single “hesitation” resulting in the third ranking in the opening cup race of the second day of that racing weekend. In Zolder Vršecký was again the king of the day and settled his accounts with Albacete in the ratio of 54:39. This resulted in even scores of the two rivals. The main contribution to this result was represented by Albacete ´s first zero score in the Sunday handicap race. Vršecký continued with the established trend in Le Mans as well, where he defeated Albacete in the ratio 58:48 at the famous tract. The success was underlined by David ´s triumphs in both full-score cup races.

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