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Handicap Full of Adrenalin!

Handicap Full of Adrenalin!

After the third rank in the cup race David Vršecký eventually ranked fifth in the handicap race. Mikhail Konovalov starting on the second Buggyra won the excellent seventh rank.

Unlike the start of the cup race this one was a dream. David, starting from the sixth row, soon overtook the trio Levett, Lacko, Östreich and suddenly found himself ranking third after Bösiger. But the rule that when two struggle the third laughs applied fully to the duel of the former team mates! "We simply wedged together and suddenly I found myself on the eighth position. Maybe I should have waited with the attack for one more round, but it is hard to say now. On the other hand I had Hahn and Ostreich behind my back, i.e. very difficult rivals," assessed David the first part of the race. Luckily, after the drop to the eighth rank David did not resign and moved up to the fifth rank. At the very end of the race he even chased Albacete, but even in this case his fastest lap was not enough for overtaking. Despite that the current European Champion was satisfied. "I was up the winners´ rostrum, I have a fast truck. I am looking forward to Sunday." Satisfaction also radiated from Miki Konovalov. And no wonder, the Russian trucker ranked seventh, beating his countryman Lvov by one rank. "I joked that I would like to beat Sasha Lvov to obtain the unofficial title of the Russian champion. And now I can see that this dream was not completely out of the question," he said after the race.

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