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Handicap Race Cancelled!

Handicap Race Cancelled!

The handicap race at the Misano circuit was interrupted after mere incomplete two rounds. After the interruption at the beginning of the race the organizers decided about complete cancellation of the race!

This unprecedented event (the last race cancellation dates back to 2002 and happened at the Nürburgring) was mainly caused by the comeback of Markus Östreich, who probably suffered from insufficient experience in the handicap racing. Markus shot off Albacete after start and Albacete ´s uncontrollable racing special hit Vršecký ´s Buggyra. And as the MAN of the Spaniard let out all fluids it contained, and all that happened after 5 pm, the organizers decided to cancel the race altogether. “They argued that the circuit was to be closed at six and they would not manage to restore it to an acceptable condition before that time,” explained Jan Kalivoda. David Vršecký, who ranked twelfth after the involuntary clash with Albacete, decided for a diplomatic approach. "Clashes are an inseparable part of truck racing. As far as I could see, Antonio ´s truck was completely destroyed. If the race had been restarted, it would have had to be without him. Somebody may have thought that without him the standards of the race would not have been sufficiently high. I respect this decision."

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