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Luboš Veselý - 08.01.2019

Hard Beginning, Agree Both Pilots of Tatra Buggyra Racing!

Hard Beginning, Agree Both Pilots of Tatra Buggyra Racing!

The crews of Dakar Rally 2019 are after the first demanding test. Martin Šoltys squeezed among the top ten in the opening speed test, which was 84 kilometres long, and Martin Kolomý ranked right after him.


“The stage began with a long pass followed by a shorter speed test. Good that it started and ended in the bivouac so the boys could watch too. The starting stage was far from easy and the difficulty is to rise, as the organizers warn. Tomorrow we are up to more than 300 measured kilometres, here the real Dakar will already begin,“ anticipated the team manager Jan Kalivoda.


Martin Kolomý finished the opening stage of this Dakar Rally right after the top ten. “Today was real hard, we had one navigation lapse. Some crews ended buried in sand so we tried to bypass them along another edge but ended in another hollow where we lost a couple of minutes. But we are in the finish without defect, our Tatra worked excellently. I am satisfied and look forward to the next stage, which is already much longer,“ were the words about the opening speed test of the number one Tatra Buggyra Racing team pilot.


The second Buggyra pilot Martin Šoltys spent most of the speed test on the eighth rank as the best ranking Czech pilot overall. After a small hesitation before its end he finally ranked tenth. “I am happy, we passed many fallen vehicles. I think this Dakar will be harder than last year, for the weather is horrible this year. Very hot, and the sand is very soft. We managed to pass, although before the end we had to return for one point, which was a slight loss for us. Otherwise an excellent beginning,” shone Martin Šoltys with happiness.


The second stage from Pisco to San Juan de Marcona will include over 300 speed kilometres. This was the speed test where Martin Kolomý lost his chances to compete for the highest ranks last year. We all believe that the same scenario will not repeat this year.

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