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Milan Bydzovsky - 09.01.2021

Heading into final half of Dakar at full strength!

After 6 stages, the crews finally had a well-deserved day off. But that did not apply for mechanics and race engineers, who worked hard on preparations for the upcoming marathon stage. A two-day challenge of 1,446 kilometres without any help from the mechanics.


Heading into final half of Dakar at full strength!

While this year’s Dakar Rally is very specific and difficult, the Buggyra Racing team members have handled the first half of the competition perfectly well. And they enter the second half at full strength. “Finally, we’ve had that long-awaited rest day. But the mechanics have my sympathy, I don’t think they’ll stop today,” said Jan Kalivoda, the team’s press officer, at the bivouac.


Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team driver Tomáš Enge is enjoying his first-ever rest day at Dakar. “I slept until 10 o’clock today, which is unbelievable, but I needed it. We still have one more long night ahead. While we have to get up relatively early, we can go to sleep early as well. It was calm, but also challenging, because of all the media work. But that’s also part of the Dakar. Yesterday, we even made it to the main international news coverage. Today, we were discussing what to improve with the mechanics, so we can be even faster,” said Tomáš Enge, who is currently 12th in the Lightweight Prototype standings. His teammate Josef Macháček now holds 5th position, after a successful Stage 6.



Meanwhile, both Tatra Phoenix drivers now aim for the TOP 10 overall. Ignacio Casale is now 8th in the standings, while Martin Šoltys is in 10th place. “The first half was tough. We were tired, and we needed to rest today. I can feel my arm a bit, so I’m glad that we’ve got our own physio here. That’s just a necessity these days. I’m also watching the guys working on the truck, to learn something more,” described Martin Šoltys his day.


On Sunday, the competition continues with a 737-kilometre stage, out of which 453 kilometres will be timed. The first 100 kilometres will take place in a large dune field, and the organisers promise a roller-coaster ride. On the other end, the final section of the stage should be very fast, but twisty and with plenty of rocks.

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