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Helpless Fight with Brakes

Helpless Fight with Brakes

David Vršecký ranked seventh in the cup race and thus will start the handicap race from the first row. Michal Matějovský ranked twelfth.

David held the fifth rank from the super pole after start, only Albacete was replaced with Lacko at the fourth rank. "Antonio made a mistake, slightly slowing down the odd lane, which Adam used for improving his starting ranking by two ranks,“ explained David. In further course of the race he stuck to the rear bumper of his Czech rival, waiting for his opportunity. Unfortunately, technology had a say again. "Probably something with the electronics, the brakes behaved arbitrarily. In Zolder, or Jarama, where you have to brake in the full speed against the wall, I would probably have given up. But at home I wanted at least to finish the race.“ But David suffered for the rest of the race. "I stepped on the brake and waited what would happen. Not a very pleasant feeling, I must say. I am glad it is over.“ Despite all the trouble with technology only Albacete and Bösiger overtook David in the end. "I could not have prevented that. Blocking tactics is not my style. I do not know what the matter is with the truck, I hope we will put it together before the last race.“

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