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Hints of Better Times to Come!

Hints of Better Times to Come!

The forty-point threshold resisted again, for the first time in five years the Buggyra pilot left Germany without a cup for the winner. Despite that David Vršecký is satisfied with his performance at Nürburgring this year.

What is the major source of the visible satisfaction?

David: Together with Donington two successful racing weekends in a row. After the horrible end of Saturday the team was put together again an worked excellently. I started from the pole position from the first time this season and finished on the podium after a main cup race. And I obtained twenty one score points in one day, which is my best result so far this year.

Can you select the most important of all the successes?

David: Hard to say, one follows another. We were much pleased with the super pole. In Donington I ranked third, and third at Nürburgring. These are hints of better times to come.

The forty-point threshold resisted, for the first time in five years you did not win at Nürburgring, what do you say to that?

David: Last year in Le Mans I collected 27 points on Saturday, on Sunday morning I won the super pole. I said to myself that forty was on the way. And then Janiec took the reins. The Saturday handicap race was very similar, luckily no one ended in hospital here. But let us talk about something else.

For example about Smolensk, where you were also successful in the past seasons?

David: Today I will take a rest and tomorrow we will mend the truck. On Wednesday there is a scheduled testing in Most. Over the weekend the boys will pack and set off for Smolensk, I guess on Monday.

And the result ambitions?

David: As usual, as good as possible. The Sunday at Nürburgring showed we can think real big.

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