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History Repeats Itself, Buggyra Celebrates Double!

History Repeats Itself, Buggyra Celebrates Double!

After the very unfriendly Saturday weather nearly sunny Sunday brought the first double for Buggyra, when Adam and David exchanged the ranks won in the last season. In addition reinforcement of the lead in the Constructors´ Cup and Adam Lacko´s advance to the second overall rank. In a word a successful Misano!

Sunday: Super Pole

The morning already promised a sunny day Sunday. Thus the time practice and the following super pole enjoyed a completely dry circuit, which was reflected in the achieved results. Adam and David worked their way to the top ten by two thirds of the full steam, with the third and the fourth best lap time, respectively.

In the super pole they long seemed to maintain these results but in the last moment Antonio Albacete entered the game with a time one tenth of a second quicker, sending Vršecký to the third row in the starting grid. “It is a pity but still reached the limit of the possible. I am interested in the telemetry to see where I made the small mistake. On the other hand, I will be starting from the inside and behind Adam, which may in effect turn to be an advantage,“ said David after the ride. Adam Lacko was eventually satisfied with the third best lap time. “I did my best but the times of Kiss and Hahn are simply incredible. The cup race will show, though. I certainly want a cup.“

Cup Race 3

Adam eventually reached for a cup, although this time after a struggle with the third rank after the pair Kiss – Hahn. “Norbert did not have a rival but himself and the duels of the first six pilots today mean that who makes a mistake he loses. And Jochen did not make any mistake,” said Adam laconically in the pits. “The final ranking was in fact decided right after start, where I seemed to be able to get to the second rank but a minute before twelve Jochen watched the trail.“

The race was very interesting for David Vršecký. Very rarely the quickest lap time does not bring any podium rank. “It was a piece of bad luck. After start I wanted to overtake Antonio, who however sent me among the skittles, which was then utilised by Gerd, who performed a really prestigious duel,” described David the progress of the race, which from his point of view was all about systematic but eventually unsuccessful attacks of Gerd Körber. “This sometimes happens but two more score points are not worth hara-kiri”.

Cup Race 4

The last race in Misano brought all that makes truck races the second most popular circuit race of the planet. First a collision in the second lap, causing appearance of red flags over the circuit and interruption of the race due to a collision between Reinert and Körber. “I was not very happy about that, especially as we were heading for another flag start for the organizers somehow failed to repair the starting mechanism,“ said Vršecký, who ranked second in front of Lacko when the race was interrupted.

But the repeated start was perfectly managed by the Buggyra pilots, sending Vršecký to the lead before Lacko and the third Kiss. This ranking only changed three laps before the end when Lacko took the lead from his teammate and Vršecký received a caution. “I was fine, Adam´s truck worked better than mine and we knew that Hahn was only fifth, which meant that in the case of victory Adam would move to the second overall rank,“ revealed Vršecký, who had fought his merciless struggle with Kiss. At the same moment his teammate struggled with the steering. “As if something stopped working and then it started to work again, as if by a miracle,“ described Adam the last two laps in the course of which he managed to first drop after Vršecký, then fight with Kiss for the third rank and eventually win the race! “Quite a lot for a race which I will never forget.” David Vršecký will probably not forget this race either, taking the silver cup for his first podium rank this season. “Excellent work, and a quite comfortable position before the Nogaro –Nürburgring biathlon. So far so good.“

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