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History Repeats Itself. Vršecký Retires, Lacko Right Below Podium

History Repeats Itself. Vršecký Retires, Lacko Right Below Podium

The first weekend race of the European Race Truck Championship did not please the Buggyra team too much. David Vršecký retired from the second rank due to a technical issue and Adam Lacko ended right below the podium ranks.

As usual the Buggyra pilots advanced to the Super Pole from the time practice. David Vršecký ranked first since the first lap but in the last seconds he was overcome by Jochen Hahn and Norbert Kiss. However, the Hungarian pilot lost his lap time by decision of the circuit commissioners for blocking an opponent and thus Vršecký obtained the first row in the starting field. In the balanced environment Adam Lacko ranked sixth, losing less than five tenths of a second after the quickest Hahn.

In the afternoon the first cup race started with red flags in the very first lap after a collision of Major, Summerfield and Teodosio in the first curve. After thirty minutes the unsuccessful start was repeated and the Buggyra pilots responded excellently again. Vršecký maintained the second rank with sovereignty and Lacko advanced to the fifth rank by overtaking Bösiger. In addition Adam in the white and pink truck struggled fiercely for the fourth rank with the Hungarian Norbert Kiss. The lead was controlled by Jochen Hahn closely followed by Vršecký. This, however, changed in the third lap where the steering servo mechanism of his Buggyra got broken and David had to retire from the second rank. "This kind of loss of score in the main cup race is bad and should not happen too often. We have been traditionally successful in Zolder, but I also always have to retire from a race here for a technical problem. History repeated itself in the very first race,“ stated Vršecký sadly after the race, which he had to watch from the tribunes this time.

Thus Lacko fought for Buggyra alone in the first weekend race. After retirement of his team mate he advanced to the fourth rank and tried hard to overcome the third ranking Albacete, deprived by Kiss from the second rank. "The truck ran a little better again today, which was seen in the race. The start was super and for the res of the time I tried to stress Albacete, but he watched his podium position too well,“ said Lacko after the race.

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