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Hohohoooo...I Like This!

Hohohoooo...I Like This!

The Saturday cup race opened the racing programme of the Nürburgring weekend. As clearly suggested by the title, David Vršecký managed the race excellently.

After yesterday ´s disqualification of Kiss our pilot moved to the third position in the starting grid. He defended the same position after start, this time avoiding the traditional duel with Östreich. "Regarding the trouble I had with Markus after start, especially at the Red Bull Ring, this motivated me. I knew that if the technology did not betray me, Antonio and Jochen would ride their own race while I would be left with the fight for the third rank," described David his feelings at the beginning of the race. It needs to be said that his duel with the winner of two cup races this season was managed surprisingly easily. "The truck simply worked up to my expectations. Although one success does not allow for any extensive conclusions, this has clearly shown again that Buggyra is this year able to compete with the quickest. And I like this." Before the handicap race David ´s tactics was straightforward. "I want a decent rank and approach as closely as possible the boundary of Saturday twenty points."

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