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Honour to Survivors!

Honour to Survivors!

Like in the cup race Chris Levet ranked sixth in the handicap race. The spectators in Le Mans then witnessed an unprecedented practical joke!

Before the last day of the championship a single score point was needed by David Vršecký to rank fourth in the overall ranking. While Janiec scot-free eliminated Vršecký as well as the potential rivals Albacete and Nittel in a couple of seconds, Markus Östreich could start hoping for the fourth overall rank, but only on condition of victory in the final handicap race. In the case of the same score the higher number of cup race victories were in his favour. "This is not so important for me. I am glad I have survived and that I am all right. I do not view the progress of the following race too positively. I only hope nobody will get injured any more. When the ribs crack it is too bad,” said David Vršecký before the race. "In addition I have said on several occasions that I am not too enthusiastic about any third, fourth or fifth rank. I consider my performance in Le Mans this year very successful." In this case Vršecký appeared to be a good prognostic. Markus Östreich really won the handicap race. And could go and happily embrace his team mate Bösiger, who perfectly worked in the lead to block the second pilot, Hungarian Kiss, for the third at the back to laugh. “I agree with what David said. We have performed excellently in Le Mans, which is a promise for the future. We obviously congratulate to all winners, even though in this case the greatest honour belongs to the losers and the survivors,” commented the team manager Jan Kalivoda on the happenings of the final championship day.

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