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Luboš Veselý - 23.06.2019

Horror Weekend at Hungaroring

Horror Weekend at Hungaroring

The second weekend of the European Truck Racing Championship was a horror for the Buggyra Racing team. Following Saturday disqualification from the first race, Adam Lacko further did not finish the last race of the weekend, dropping to the overall sixth rank. The new racing special development collects its tax. Oly Janes keeps the position of interim leader in Grammer Cup.

The opening time practice of the weekend brought the fourth best lap time to Adam Lacko, European Champion of 2017, and so he could start the first race from the second row in the starting grid. “Since yesterday we have tried different chassis settings, for the circuit is quite slippery and what worked with the old special does not work so well with VK50. But we were prepared for that. This time practice was nearly up to my expectations and I am happy with the fourth starting position. I hope in a good start and some forward advance,“ said Lacko laconically.

Oly Janes qualified to the opening cup race with the thirteenth lap time. “The thirteenth position is not exactly what I hoped for, I wanted to advance to the super pole, but I failed, unfortunately. I will have to try harder in the race,“ said the British pilot. 

The first cup race was a piece of bad luck for Adam Lacko. He was disqualified after excellent start, moving him from the fourth to the second rank, for triple speed limit exceeding. The exceeding was minor with nearly zero benefit but the penalisation was fatal, unfortunately. “What to say about that. It is a great pity. I started the race very well and held the second rank after Hahn, but then first the 10-second penalisation, then a pass through the pit lane and finally overall expulsion. The new truck is still under development so we must learn the lesson from this and avoid the same mistake in the following races,“ said the disappointed Lacko.

The issue was further commented on by Robin Dolejš, the head of the Buggyra development section. “As we already advised before the season, the new special VK50 is still under development and these things may happen. Our truck over-sped by a mere couple of tenths of a second. Unfortunately, even this is fatally penalised,“ was Robin´s explanation of the situation. “We try to “diagnose these child diseases” in the course of practices but you can never avoid them fully. The most important thing now will be correct evaluation and remedy that will move our new special another step forward..“
Oly Janes continues in the tempo set in Misano and has again ended in the top ten. “I am satisfied. The victory in Grammer Cup and further points to the overall score is an excellent achievement. I look forward to the following races, I can feel I can still improve,“ said Oly with determination.

Adam Lacko started the second race from the last starting position after the disqualification. He performed a chase ride that moved him up to the eighth final rank, which was the maximum he could do. “This was a nice race, especially the first half, when I advanced step by step to the eighth rank after Jochen and Antonio. Their advantage was too big and I could not reduce it, however much I tried. I do not want to pretend not to be disappointed after the first day but I do not throw in the towel yet. Tomorrow I will continue to fight for the top ranks,“ thus Lacko closed the first racing day, which made him descend to the third overall rank.

Oly Janes finished the second race right below the top ten, with eleventh rank. That also equalled to the bronze rank in Grammer Cup. “I lost a little after start and dropped two ranks behind. I struggled hard but could not manage to return to the top ten. What I am pleased with is the maintained first overall rank in Grammer Cup. I will see for tomorrow,“ said Oly. 


The Sunday time practice was far from Adam Lacko´s expectations. Due to complications he had to cope with the ninth best lap time. “In the course of super pole my speed limited suddenly stopped working correctly. And yet we had struggled with its setting for most of the night after Saturday. But the system is so complicated that its perfect tuning will take some time. Luckily the problem only appeared in the super pole where I already had at least the tenth starting position certain. Yesterday´s experience in start from the very tail of the starting field was enough for this weekend,“ said Adam.

Oly Janes will not remember the Sunday time practice with satisfaction either. The jury cancelled both of his quickest lap times for over-speeding. “My comment? I made two mistakes at the least appropriate moment. What can you do. The weather forecast says rain before the third start so the race will certainly be interesting. I will see how I can cope.“ 

As Oly Janes predicted after the time practice, so it happened. About an hour and a half before the first race start the skies got overcast over Hungaroring and it began to rain, the downpour only ending right before the start of the dace. Thus the race was classified as “wet” and therefore the start was conducted by yellow flags. “I like riding in water but unfortunately the road dried right after the safety starting lap. Right in the course of the first lap I overtook Recuenco and then also Kursim. The following distances between the individual trucks were already too long due to the yellow flag start and so the sixth rank was the absolute maximum I could achieve under those conditions,“ was Adam Lacko´s definition of the third race.

The British pilot Oly Janes advanced to the twelfth final rank from the last starting position. “This was a good race. I tried to advance as much as I could, entered many duels, but a rank better than twelfth was unachievable. I hope for some improvement in the last race.“

Adam Lacko drank the chalice of bitterness to the bottom at Hungaroring. In the very first lap of the final race he discovered a defect in the new engine electronics and he thus had to give up the race. “My feelings are mixed. On the one hand I know that the truck keeps developing and I am prepared for that. But on the other hand I am a combat type and I race to win, so I regret that a lot. Immediately after start I made my way to the top rank but suddenly the accelerator stopped working. I could not continue with this defect and had to give up. We must do something about it before the Slovakiaring weekend. I hope this was my cup of bad luck and now I will be fine until the end of the championship,“ was the reaction of the disappointed Lacko, leaving Hungary with the sixth overall rank.

Oly Janes finished the last race of the weekend ranking tenth, and the obtained score point equalled the silver rank in Grammer Cup. “This is another important score point in the overall classification of the championship. In addition I have managed to increase my advantage in the lead of Grammer Cup. I look forward to Slovakiaring very much,“ said Janes. 

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