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Hungarian Brake!

Hungarian Brake!

The fifth rank was held by David Vršecký in the final cup race in Jarama. Immediately after the race he said it could have been better.

He started from the second row behind a last year very quick Hungarian trucker Kiss. “I planned to nicely drive after him in train," said David before start. But the opposite became true and Norbert Kiss excellently messed the start. "And so I remained on the inside behind him and only watched everybody overtaking me." After the first lap David found himself raking sixth. Even though the Hungarian trucker accelerated in the end, he lost his duel with David in the fourth lap. Then until the last lap our pilot struggled with his countryman Lacko fort he fifth rank. "I was quicker again, but Adam is very hard to overtake. In such moments you do not think of your score but about your prestige," explained David Vršecký, whose efforts were crowned with well deserved success in the last lap. Adam was first overtaken by David and then also by Markus Östreich. "I wanted a cup but for various reasons this was not possible. But I have quite a good impression from the race."

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