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I am not Against Success!

I am not Against Success!

This morning David Vršecký flew to the venue of the third racing weekend of this year ´s European Truck Racing Championship in Nogaro, France. Before departure he gave a short interview to us.

Last year you won your first cup race of the season in Nogaro, defeated Albacete and started for the championship title defence? Vršecký: I plan to repeat it this year! (laughter) Every season is different, unlike last year I will drive a new truck, continuously developed by our team. I like Nogaro and am not against success. But the fans of Buggyra and David Vršecký are not used to the fourth interim ranking? Vršecký: There are mere two races behind us and my loss after the leader is lower than at this time last year. In addition I lost ten score points due to the questionable penalization in Misano this year. In addition this season the winners´ rostrum has been competed for by more truckers, which I like. I am not worried. Free practice will take place in Nogaro on Friday already? Vršecký: Yes, we at Buggyra are all happy about that. We will already have telemetric data on Friday evening and we can do a lot of work on the truck setting by Saturday. The Nogaro track is quick, but very narrow, bad for overtaking. And time practice is not your strongest weapon this year? Vršecký: No, not yet! I agree that to start a cup race from the fifth position in Nogaro is not ideal. But in the pause between Albacete and Nogaro we have considerably advanced with a technological adjustment after which we expect acceleration. At least we hope for it!

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