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I Hope for the Better

I Hope for the Better

In the second race David Vršecký did not reach the podium of the Red Bull Ring either. After problems at the start he eventually ranked sixth.

Before the last race of the day David lost the first starting row due to penalisations of Lacko and Janiec. "I do not now what to say, a score point in addition is good but my starting position for the second race is substantially worse now," said David in reaction to the change. Unfortunately, soon after start the change really proved not to be for the better. Janiec starting in front of David did not manage the situation and Östreich, who had already gained speed, was quickly approaching from the rear. David thus got squeezed between them and eventually was happy with the eighth initial rank. In the finish he improved the rank by two, at the expense of the later penalised Janiec and Östreich. "I would prefer to gain score points in another way. I had a real chance to fight for the cups, and the mechanics would have certainly deserved that for the night toil. I hope for the better tomorrow," hoped David, who did not lose his sense of humour despite all that. "As far as I know, I did not achieve any better results in Austria that today. But my ambitions are obviously higher."

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