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Incredible Atmosphere!

Incredible Atmosphere!

The truck racing European champion David Vršecký and the racing engineer Robin Dolejš. Defending at the Rally Dakar 2011 the colours of the Czech Dakar Team of Marek Spáčil, have covered the first couple of hundred kilometres of the most popular long-distance truck race of the planet.

"The trucks reached the city of Victoria late at night. This was not a real race, just a transfer, the actual race will only start today," described the racing engineer Robin Dolejš the progress of the first 377 kilometres. "Every meter revealed how the Argentines enjoyed the race, and the route was lined by enthusiastic fans. I had not seen anything like that before." David Vršecký got to cope with the role of the co-pilot and therefore had less time to follow the happenings around the road than his fellow. "In the first place I had to concentrate on myself. But it is impossible not to notice the people around at all. At the end of the day we were told that there were a million spectators by the road, which is incredible," commented David on the opening day of the race.

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