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Iron Age!

Iron Age!

New safety element is what FIA has reacted with to the mass accident in Le Mans on the last day of the past season. This is the end of aluminium in bumper manufacturing, and the start of the iron age.

David Vršecký is the only pilot and constructor in one in the current starting field. He fully accepts the FIA decision. Although aluminium as a light metal was welcomed, it served no better than paper in the case of a crash. “Sometimes the whole brace flew away. After a crash in the rear bumper of one of the Renaults something sharp formed in the rear, reminding of antlers. Even the slightest contact threatened with pinching a tyre. Iron is about something else,” confirmed the trucker of Roudnice.

At the same time he as a constructor had to address the increased weight. “Total weight will pose no problem. Buggyra is a light truck, so far we had to add ballast to achieve the minimum weight limit.” Increased weight of the sides behind the wheels will affect the vehicle settings, though. “My opinion is that we will be slower by maximum two tenths per lap. On the other hand, this handicap will be the same for everybody,” said the double European champion.

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