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Milan Bydžovský - 12.01.2020

’It was a flying day‘ agree Šoltys and Macháček, both in the 13th positions

’It was a flying day‘ agree Šoltys and Macháček, both in the 13th positions

Buggyra Racing drivers have successfully finished the longest and the fastest stage of this year’s Rally Dakar. Both Czech drivers finished in the 13th place in their categories. However, there was no reason to celebrate, following tragic news about an accident in which Paulo Goncalves lost his life. The whole Buggyra Racing team would like to express their deepest condolences.


The Dakar Rally organisers have prepared a very fast competition this year. Trucks have managed to surpass a mighty 100 kph barrier three times already, with today’s stage being the fastest one yet. Its winner, Karginov, had an average speed of 108.8 kph.


“I didn’t really like it today. There were no technical parts. We kept hitting the limiter and went over it at least four times. You can’t do anything about it, just a little jump and the car is suddenly one kilometre over the limit. And that is already being penalised. Nobody knows whether the terrain is going to change or not. We’ll just keep going in our pace and let’s wait and see if that’s going to be enough,” said Martin Šoltys, who has now moved to the 9th position in the overall standings.


“We’ve handled our fight with the night and arrived before sunset. It was a very fast stage, without many dunes. Our vehicle is working and with our speed, we can take the TOP 10. We got a bit lost today, but the biggest time loss was when we had to change a tyre. I guess the organisers could have chosen a different route with more dunes, but that’s how it is. And that place where Paulo Goncalves had his accident, it was very tricky,” said Josef Macháček who achieved his personal best at this year’s Dakar, yet he was thinking more about the tragic accident.


The Dakar Rally continues on Monday. The 8th stage of the competition will be 713 kilometres long, out of which 474 kilometres will be timed. However, the organisers have decided to limit the stage only for cars, SSV specials and trucks. Tomorrow’s programme for motorbikes and quads have been cancelled following today’s tragic accident.

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