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Janiec Buries Third Cup

Janiec Buries Third Cup

David Vršecký stretched his hand for the third bronze rank of this season in the final race of the season as well. However, the Frenchman Anthony Janiec entered the game in the end...

David started very well and worked his way to the third rank in the course of a single lap! "I was on a good way to a decent result. In addition I had Bösiger and Major ahead of me, which, with all respect for both pilots, meant playable rivals for me," assessed David the opening part of the race. "A lot of time to the end of the race, so I wanted to follow the progress of the race and prepare my attack for the right moment." However, the local pilot Anthony Janiec was against. "He closed me up quite nonsensically. I cannot figure out what he was up to," commented our pilot on Janiec´s manoeuvre, after which he dropped to the eighth rank. For another three laps he then struggled fiercely but eventually successfully with the Belgian pilot Blaise. "When I finally overtook him, Adam was too far ahead. So I only enjoyed the last laps of this year ´s championship, which was successful for us. I am looking forward to the final celebration. There is a lot to celebrate indeed." Ellen Lohr was also satisfied. "An excellent team, a quick and reliable truck. Even though I did not score I assess my introduction in the Buggyra colours as successful. I am looking forward to further cooperation."

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