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Janiec Knocks Down Vršecký!

Janiec Knocks Down Vršecký!

For a little over two laps David Vršecký cherished chances for a podium rank. However, then the notorious Anthony Janiec had a say.

Immediately after start Gerd Körber took the lead after numerous skilful manoeuvres, used also by David Vršecký for moving to the third rank. "With Gerd and Lacheze in front of me, I said to myself that unless something unpredictable happens things should be fine. Unfortunately, something unpredictable did happen. Suddenly a “force majeure” named Anthony Janiec appeared out of the blue. “I do not like to blame anybody of conspiracy but if a pilot hits another from the back without the slightest intention to brake I do not know what to think about that,” contemplated the team manager and an eye witness of the incident Jan Kalivoda. After that more and more pilots crashed on the ever wetter surface and the race was stopped. The second start was already without David Vršecký, whose racing special was turned into an immobile wreck. “I do not know what that man was thinking about at that moment. I do not think he could not brake hard enough. I rather think he did not have the slightest intention to brake at all," commented David Vršecký on the incident. "Now I can only hope that the boys will put the truck together before tomorrow. I think a long night is ahead of them."

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