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Petr Bošnakov - 29.09.2020

Jarama marks 25 years since Martin Koloc’s first championship title

While the Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing with Adam Lacko, Téo Calvet and Aliyyah Koloc continued to dominate the season at Jarama, after doing the same at Most, Nogaro and Zolder, the team owner Martin Koloc reflected on what happened 25 years ago.


Jarama marks 25 years since Martin Koloc’s first championship title

It is almost 25 years since Martin Koloc with Sisu track arrived in Spain as the European Truck Racing championship leader, 15 points ahead of a reigning champion Boije Ovebrink with Volvo.  “I didn’t want 1994 to happen again when I lost the championship by a single point. I was so angry; I almost destroyed my helmet against the wall. So, I decided to apply some tactics. I gained 4 points over Boije on Saturday. Then, I knew that I only had to do 12 points more on Sunday to win,” remembers Martin.

The last night before the race was calm. “Back then, there was no telemetry. The boys knew that they had to do some maintenance and they were even more nervous than me. Pekin, Ruda and Gejza checked every single nut at least 10 times and I had to send them to bed after midnight myself, to make sure they had enough strength to celebrate.”


On the following day, Martin lost 2 points to Ovebrink in qualifying. After that, Martin knew that to win the championship, he needed to finish 7th or better and not even a victory would be enough for his Swedish rival. “We have come up with an unusual strategy with Timo Korhonen, who was a Sisu engineer. Our goal was to avoid Lenz (Mercedes) and let him win. Because 15 points for a 2nd place would not be enough for Ovebrink,” says Koloc and they fulfilled the plan to the last detail. “Boije decided to go safe and made room for Lenz. I had a better truck for Jarama, so I made a move to get ahead after just a few laps. I knew he was not going to risk it because he needed to win and any collision would kill his hopes.”


And then, after he crossed the finish line, it was all about celebrations. “It was huge, the guys deserved it. However, the rivalry with Ovebrink runs in our family, because those world records, that Aliyyah did in summer, on a 500m with a rolling start and with a standing start, were previously his. I think I’m going to call him to remember the old days…“

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