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Petr Bosnakov - 30.09.2021

Jarama: Nothing is impossible

A week after the Le Mans stop, the fastest truckers of the old continent are waiting for another European Championship race at the adrenaline-packed Jarama circuit. The Buggyra will arrive at the venue with a full line-up of Adam Lacko, Téo Calvet, Aliyyah Koloc.


Jarama: Nothing is impossible

According to team principal Martin Koloc, Adam Lacko will be the centre of attention, although his title vision has receded after the race in France, but every race and championship ends after the last lap. "Adam has done a lot, he knows how to handle himself. It's up to the rest of the team to give him every service." With Jarama being in the contact category, a truckload of spare parts rolled out of the Buggyra Technlogy Centre. "Nothing can surprise us in this respect," believes BTC's head of team logistics and operations director Petr Marek. 

What isn't can be...
Adam's Le Mans race did not go as he had hoped and he arrived in Jarama as the third driver in the standings. "The reality is that Norbert is somewhere else this year, but in Zolder he proved that he is not unbeatable. Sasha is ahead of me by three points, so we'll see," said Adam while fighting for an interesting point. Given Jochen Hahn's failure so far, he may become the only rider who hasn't missed the top three even once since the 2015 season. "It sounds nice, it speaks volumes about the consistency of the rider's performance and technique, but I'm not really concerned with that right now. Besides, Jochen won at Le Mans and he's really the last driver I would doubt to try the possible and the impossible."

The tactic is traditional and clear, and that is to drive as well as possible. "I like Jarama, it's a lot about adrenaline, the passage where you're driving against the concrete wall is perfect and I still enjoy it. David and I have been discussing the set-up over the week, hopefully it will work out. On the other hand, every point counts, so we're not going to go for any revolutionary solutions yet. But what isn't can be..."

A championship hangover is not imminent...
Adam Lacko will be supported in Jarama by the stars of the Buggyra Academy, the new French champion Téo Calvet and Aliyyah Koloc, who took the prizes for the best rookie and the winner of the women's category in the prestigious national championship. Although footage posted on social media after the Le Mans race in the form of champagne batteries evoked raucous celebrations, the champions' hangovers are not imminent. "Not that I'm under control, my dad was even more euphoric than me on Sunday, so I could probably get away with anything, but I'm a professional after all," stated Téo, who faces a new challenge. "I'm seven points behind ninth place to sixth-placed Steffi Halm, which, with all due respect to the lady, might not be an insoluble problem. Besides, I will need as many points as possible for the Constructors' Cup and the Goodyear Cup."

Aliyyah Koloc did not come to Spain for the trip. "I wanted to run my best superpole of the year and make a point, or at least get as close to the points as possible. According to David, finishing is nice, but I have bigger ambitions after all."


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