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Petr Bosnakov - 13.08.2021

Jochen's got it, but Adam wins!

Although the six-time champion of the old continent, Jochen Hahn (Iveco), had a bad start in the opening round at the Hungaroring, when he lost 13 points from fourth place to the current leader Sascha Lenz, David Vršecký believes that he has the power to defend his title.


Jochen's got it, but Adam wins!

The two-time European champion speaks from his own experience. While he won his first title in 2008 in a start-finish fashion, the defence in Assen, the Netherlands, started ingloriously the following season. "After the first race I was 35 points behind Antonio. There were twelve races, while this year it looks like five, but I think Jochen is completely calm. I'm rather curious to see how Norbert Kiss will deal with the setback at the Hungaroring? He rode on his home circuit, which is very specific and the advantage goes to the riders who have the opportunity to test as much as possible, which is Norbert's case. Instead of the expected lead, he is ten points behind Sasha."

However, as the headline suggests, Adam Lacko is David Vršecký's favourite. "I don't think that this year, unlike previous seasons, it will be a battle of two drivers, realistically there are five drivers for the title. It will be decided at the very end and Adam will give it," says David, arguing his historical experience. "In 2002, as well as this year, the Nürburgring, where we were on course to win, was rained out. In the end, Gerd Körber decided the first title for Buggyra four laps before the end of the last race at the Lausitzring. I'm hoping for a repeat of that scenario, I just hope that this year, unlike in 2002, it will be without my injured hand, which I broke at Lausitz right on Saturday's gauge."  

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