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Petr Bosnakov - 11.03.2021

Josef Macháček: “There’s always something to do!“

Just like we announced before, Josef Macháček arrived in Saudi Arabia during the Baja Saudi event to prepare for the following test days. The team was testing shock absorbers and brakes.


Josef Macháček: “There’s always something to do!“

According to this year’s light prototypes category winner, the first thing that had to be worked on was the brakes, as they affect the rest of the vehicle. “There were three of us testing – me, Tomáš Enge and Jan Černý. We put together a small circuit, to drive around for 3 or 4 hours and to do intensive testing of the brakes,” said the six-time Dakar winner. “We worked on the pump settings, as some drivers prefer harder brakes, while the others want something else.”


And the sand in Saudia Arabia confirmed that the changes were good. “In Kopřivnice, we put together some setting and then there was the real test. We spent the same amount of time behind the wheel, but we also kept tilting in the vehicle. It was a bit funny because it actually turned out how much our driving styles affect the vehicle. We’ve agreed that there’s nothing like a setting for the shock absorbers that suits everyone. So, we just found the middle ground and then adjusted it for each of us. But it must be said that each set up change took no longer than 10 minutes,” said Josef Macháček.


The Dakar legend also agrees with David Vršecký, who says that there is nothing like a perfect racing vehicle. “The development never stops, there’s always something to do. But I don’t mind!” said laughing Macháček.

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