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Joy Replaced by Disappointment. Vršecký Penalised

Joy Replaced by Disappointment. Vršecký Penalised

The dramatic race ended well for Buggyra first. David Vršecký ranked third and happily enjoyed the first champagne this year. But then the commissioners interfered and moved him down to the ninth rank.

Saturday ´s program continued in Misano with the second cup race with handicap. Adam Lacko started from the third starting position, David Vršecký from the fifth. Even in late afternoon the temperature at the circuit did not drop below around 30 degrees Centigrade and so the pilots in the trucks did not have an easy time.  

The start was badly managed by Rene Reinert, who drifted in the first curve. This negatively affected all pilots on the inside of the circuit, including Lacko and Vršecký. While Reinert maintained the first rank, David and Adam dropped to the sixth and the seventh rank, respectively.

Robert Kiss in the front developed a good advantage, while Reinert, Bösiger, Vršecký and Hahn struggled hard for the second rank. In addition this group was approached by Albacete, who had overtook Lacko. David ´s situation was difficult, for a failed attack would mean a drop in the ranking. Finally Albacete overtook the Buggyra pilot and attacked the third ranking Bösiger in the course of the last lap, which pushed both of them off the track in the dramatic finish. Even though Vršecký finished the race with the third rank, additional thirty-second penalization moved him down to the tail of the elite ten. And thus the Czech pilot only enjoyed the quickest lap in the race.

"Even though I finished third, my final rank is ninth. I am aware of a cone which I shot down but I do not know about the other one. Unfortunately even the commissioners were unable to show conclusive evidence of my fault,“ added Vršecký with disappointment. 

Adam Lacko moved to the final fifth rank after penalization of his team colleague. "We are not as successful as I would imagine. Unfortunately, I was unable to do more than what I did in the second race. But we know what to improve and so I hope in a better Sunday,“ said Adam Lacko after the second race.

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