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Luboš Veselý - 14.07.2017

Just KAMAZs Were Stronger than Kolomý, Who Continues to Hold Third Overall Rank!

Just KAMAZs Were Stronger than Kolomý, Who Continues to Hold Third Overall Rank!

The demanding and treacherous seventh stage was finished by Martin Kolomý and his Phoenix with the result of the fifth rank, after a slight forced slow-down before its end. However, his loss was only minimal and he is heading for China as the third-rank holder overall.


The seventh stage, in total extending across over 400 kilometres with a 106 kilometre measured section started for the last time in the Kazakh territory today. The most successful make was again the Russian KAMAZ holding the top four ranks. The pilot of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team Martin Kolomý achieved the fifth best time today with the loss of two and a half minutes after them. “A horrible vehicle-breaking terrain, I wondered whether the organizers confused rally with trial or not. We stoked as much as we could from the very beginning but towards the end of the race we swept over a big hole so I had to slow down after that. I was worried about whether our Tatra survived that. Luckily Phoenix is a real heavy-duty truck,“ described Kolomý today´s relatively short but dangerous stage. “KAMAZs shorten their routes again, either they know it here or posses better information. We are new to this race so we cannot afford any risk. Even like this the road-book is very insidious. The most important thing is we have reached the finish and can start the Chinese mission tomorrow," he added.


The eighth stage will be completely Chinese. It will start in the city of Karamay and after more than 400 kilometres including 250 measured will finish in Urumqi. The pilots will try sand dunes for the first time, to encounter many more on the following days of the Chinese section.

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