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Petr Bosnakov - 08.07.2021

Keep it up...

Buggyra Racing team owner Martin Koloc is in a kind "conflict of interest", as the team's colours are defended by his two daughters Aliyyah and Yasmeen. The former was the object of two indiscriminate attacks during the French Truck Championship race in Nogaro on Saturday.


Keep it up...

However, the team boss, who is testing at Nogaro with his daughters, Téo Calvet and David Vršecký, remains calm. "I understand the truckers who are racing with Aliyyah. Mina Kuopalla, a Finn, raced in my era, she even won a European Championship race once. Still, we all took the duels with Mina very prestigiously, so I can empathise with the feelings of guys who don't like to bite having to defend their position in a duel with a 16-year-old girl," recalls the double Old Continent champion. "But Aliyyah is in a completely different position. Because of her age, she will be in the learning stage of racing for a few more years. So getting hit, puncturing a tyre and then following it up with a duck flight is actually part of her learning curve. Since I'm slightly biased, we talked to David about how she handled the situation. Because the qualities of a rider are most evident in an unexpected situation. We agreed that she handled the situation with great aplomb. So, keep it up."


The main challenge, according to Martin, is to keep the desire to race alive in the case of Aliyyah and Yasmeen. "Both David and I have experienced this. You race, you win, but on the podium you think that you don't really enjoy it that much and you start to get allergic to trophies. At such a moment it is necessary to let off steam. Fortunately, having experienced tennis, I know the girls well enough to be confident of their well-being," he says categorically. "Plus, motorsport is much more about the group, the communication, the experience can be shared with a lot more people." 

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