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Petr Bošnakov - 12.05.2020

Koloc believes that the best is still yet to come

In May 1995 began a new season of the European Truck Racing Champion at the end of which Martin Koloc with SISU truck became the first-ever Czech circuit European champion. It might have been 25 years, but Buggyra’s founder and team owner still has not forgotten what happened in his first championship-winning year.


Koloc believes that the best is still yet to come

But the preparations for the 1995 European Championship had begun a year before already when Martin Koloc lost to Boije Ovebrink in Volvo by just a single point. “After the final race in Jarama, I just wanted to quit. People were telling me how fantastic it is to finish 2nd in the championship, but I was furious. The problem was that I had some enthusiasts around me who just gave up and went to do a new project. I knew that I couldn’t tell that it’s just over, because I don’t enjoy being 2nd. Especially, as it was by a single point,” remembers Martin. “First of all, I had to leave the 1994 championship behind. I spent one weekend by going through the whole season, race after race, and that was it. Then I decided to get rid of the overalls, helmet and all the trophies. Luckily, as it turned out after the final race, Petr Marek disobeyed that order and kept everything…”


Then it was all about work on the car, though communication with Finnish manufacturer SISA was horrible. “When I remember that, I have to laugh. SISA did a great job with Harri Luostarinen or Minna Kuopalla, but some Czech driver, that didn’t matter, even though he had championship ambitions. Luckily, one day, an engineer Timo Korhonen arrived at Roudnice. Timo seemed to be a bit reserved at the beginning, but then the fun started. I don’t want to go into details, but Timo is Finnish, so I think it’s clear what was going on!” remembers Martin. But then a morning phone call surprised him. “We never ever dreamt about anything like Buggyra Technology Centre. Then Timo called that he’s standing in front of our garage and asked where everybody is. So, I took some clothes on and went there. It turned out that he read all my faxed and emails that I sent to Finland. Then he took out a notepad and started to come up with all kinds of solutions. In the end, we spent the whole day in the garage.”


And as a result, Koloc dominated that following season. Yet, Koloc does not consider his first championship title as the most important moment. “On one side, fans had a lot of fun watching those races, but you can’t compare that to today’s racing. From a technological point of view, we are so much ahead. I was happy mostly for the guys as we knew that the project will continue. But I enjoyed much more Gerd’s championship in 2002 that he won with just 4 laps to go. And then David’s first championship, Jarama 2008. I was in Dubai, watching online and I even wore the team’s shirt! But I believe that the best is still yet to come.”

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