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Petr Bošnakov - 31.07.2019

Koloc´s Top Ten…

Koloc´s Top Ten…

The end of July is marked, inter alia, by the birthday of Martin Koloc. The double European champion (1995-1996), the first figure in the history of truck racing celebrating the champion title as the pilot and the team owner in one, has been active on the top levels of motor sport for twenty five years. Thus the list of the best truckers compiled by the headmaster of Buggyra Academy and mentor of the Buggyra Racing team certainly has its weight.

David Vršecký (Czech Republic/ Buggyra)

This is no backstairs influence. Show me any other pilot winning two European champion titles, holding several world speed records, winning the Chinese championship three times in succession and the Indian championship once, and contributing markedly to the development of truck racing specials.

Jochen Hahn (Germany/ Mercedes, MAN, Iveco)

A successful follower of a family tradition: When somebody wins a championship five times in eight years there is nothing more to talk about. He constructed the winning truck in a year. Super work! I know a constructor who went over under factory support and even though the factory put heaps of money into him he never won the champion title.

Gerd Körber (Germany/ MAN, DAF, Buggyra, Iveco)

At the end of the 2000 season I told him that in the following season he was allowed to rank the last with Buggyra in the Super Race Truck class but then he was expected to win. Three years, two champion titles. What more can you say.

Harri Luostarinen (Finland/Caterpillar, MAN)

The first pilot who managed to beat the so far unbeatable Mercedes in the SRT class in the nineties. Like nearly every Finn he found the term regime alien to him. Then he sat in his truck with an absent expression and covered a race without a single mistake.

Lutz Bernau (Germany/MAN)

We raced with each other many times, and we often remember those days in the press centre. In 1997, right after start of the race at Thruxton, we hooked the screws of our front wheels into each other and flew over the crash barriers. We received a prize for that, the Crash of the Year. Then Lutz won two champion titles.

Antonio Albacete (Spain/MAN)

I remember his beginnings, a crazy man who managed to break three trucks in a season. Then he calmed down and won three champion titles. In this season he shows that even after the fiftieth birthday one can still belong to the top.

Markus Östreich (Germany/Mercedes, MAN, Renault)

I do not know any other pilot capable of so excellent work with the accelerator. His exquisite masterpiece was to nicely hit somebody and then play an innocent face.

Adam Lacko (Czech Republic/Tatra, MAN, Renault, Buggyra)

Calm force. Whenever I remember him racing and praying for his doctors not to learn about it and not to shut him in a mental hospital, I feel chills in my back. I bet his first champion title of 2017 is not his last one.

Markus Bösiger (Switzerland/MAN, Buggyra, Renault)

Before I suspended my involvement with Buggyra, I worked on his transfer to the team. I knew that if he received a good vehicle he would win. Buggyra gave him one and so he did.

Heinz Werner Lenz (Germany/Mercedes)

He won three champion titles, together with his wife Sylvia, also at my expense. Thanks to the diplomatic strength of Mercedes then he did not have to bother too much about the rules. But he knew how to race, once in Most he even knew how to fly. I hope next year his son Sasha will fight against my Alliyah, for the family duel to have its continuation.

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