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Petr Bošnakov - 08.06.2017

Kolomý Arms for Silk Way Rally Tempted by Double

Kolomý Arms for Silk Way Rally Tempted by Double

Although the Tatra Buggyra Racing team management emphasized the absolution priority of Dakar Rally several times in the past, this year the team will fight on two fronts. Martin Kolomý and his racing special Tatra Phoenix will take part in the July Silk Way Rally this season.

The participants will have to cover the route from Moscow via Kazakhstan to Beijing which is about 10,000 km long and will test both the pilots and their technologies. “I look at every race humbly as appropriate for this sport, but still I am nearly 100% sure that after this Dakar we can hardly be surprised by anything,” said Kolomý with satisfaction, knowing what prize-giving ceremonies look and taste like in Beijing thanks to his triumph in the Chinese truck championship. “Of course, rally is much different, but why not try a double.“

We were always tempted by the Silk Way Rally in the past but only this year we have agreed with Tatra to cover this competition side by side with Dakar,“ says the team manager Jan Kalivoda, emphasizing support by the Tatra company. “In the previous years we based our preparation for Dakar on shorter races of the Cross Country Rally world championship.
However, Dakar 2018 will start right away in the sand fields in Peru, and that is why the “over-sandy” Silk Way appears the ideal variant of top-standard preparation. Last year we monitored the race closely and considering the top competitors taking part and the excellent work of the organizers we see this rally as very attractive with considerable marketing potential. As last year the event coincided with the European football championship and preparations for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, its media image lagged behind Dakar a little still. This year the background should be much different and better, also, I hope, thanks to our participation. Our fans have a lot to look forward to.


Martin Kolomý appreciated the number of live kilometres to be covered in connection with his premiere participation in the Silk Way Rally. “Considering the prestige of the competition I will certainly want more than just take part and test regardless the result. Our participation will certainly at least decrease our practice deficit in comparison to the pilots of Kamaz. We have worked on the tack analysis for a week, collecting all available information.“

The valuable source of the team in this respect is Aleš Loprais, the winner of the competition of 2011. “As the Czech colours will be defended in the sharp competition by only Martin and Aleš, albeit in two different teams, their mutual cooperation appears absolutely necessary for both sides. In addition Aleš will drive with our Gyrtech engine under the bonnet of his truck,“ states Honza Kalivoda

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