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Luboš Veselý - 18.01.2019

Kolomý Finishes Dakar Rally 2019! Hell on Earth...

Kolomý Finishes Dakar Rally 2019! Hell on Earth...

Martin Kolomý tasted real hell in the course of this edition of Dakar. He arrived in the finish in the Peruvian capital, Lima, ranking fourth in the Semi-Marathon ranking. His overall rank in the absolute ranking of the “Small” Dakar is fifth. Martin Šoltys was forced to withdraw after stage seven of the main race as he did not arrive back from the previous stage in time for the start of the next.


“For me this edition of Dakar was one of the hardest competitions I had ever taken part in. This was a Dakar as it should be. Hell on earth, demanding stages, repairs… I will long remember it. Pity we had to cope with the technology failures but they must be taken as an integral part of these races. The most important thing is that our Tatra brought us safely to the very finish. I would like to thank to the whole team and the mechanics for at the moment when our cardan broke the idea that flashed through my mind was that it was the absolute end of everything. But the boys put the truck together and thanks to the organizers I was allowed to continue in the race in its second half,” viewed his performance at this edition of Dakar Rally Martin Kolomý. “Now we all have to meet together, pool all the pros and cons and decide what to do next. At this moment I cannot anticipate what will be next year.“


“I will remember this edition for long. For me this was a difficult race. The fact that it only took place in Peru made the route quite confusing, and much more complicated from the navigation point of view. I am looking forward to the podium ceremony. I consider our being here after all those troubles a small miracle,“ said Rostislav Plný in the finish of this edition of the most demanding long-distance race of the world.


“So we are in the finish after all. The organizers made this edition really extremely demanding. The technologies suffered and made many pilots withdraw them prematurely from racing. Only in the truck category the initial number of starting vehicles was over forty and only thirteen of them saw the final finish. Pity that Martin had to drop off, he was up to an excellent result but there is no “what if” in sport. I am very pleased by the performance of the crew of Martin Kolomý, who struggled with two big defects and yet did not give up in either case. Now we will have to sit down together, analyse all gathered data and decide about the future,“ summarised the team manager Jan Kalivoda this edition of the Dakar Rally.

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