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Luboš Veselý - 10.07.2017

Kolomý Flies through Stage Three to Second Rank and Returns to Top!

Kolomý Flies through Stage Three to Second Rank and Returns to Top!

Martin Kolomý literally flew through stage three and returned to the overall leading rank after one-day pause with the second best time after Belarusian Viazovichov! He does not think too much about being the leader of the race yet, though.


The third stage was represented by the last race in Russia and a transfer to Kostanay in Kazakhstan. Martin Kolomý wanted to improve his racing spirit after the minor technical complication in stage two and showed that from the first kilometres. He started in a very quick tempo and his times ranged just a couple of seconds after the leading Belarusian, who held the top rank until the finish. Kolomý crossed the finish line with just less than one-minute loss after the leading pilot. “The stage was quite quick, without rain at last, but the road was still very slippery. Phoenix honoured its name and flew it over. We did not make any mistake in navigation and I am glad we have reached the end of the day. The race gains tempo but the final decision is only yet to be made, that is why I do not think too much about being or not being in the overall lead yet,“ commented Kolomý, who returned to the overall top rank with an advantage of nearly three minutes over the second ranking Russian pilot Shibalov of the Kamaz team.


A series of long stages is prepared for the pilots in Kazakhstan now. The first Kazakh and the fourth overall stage will take the field to the capital city of the country, Astana, and will cover over 400 kilometres. The terrain will return to steppe flatland, drier than so far after the rain stop.

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