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Luboš Veselý - 12.07.2017

Kolomý Holds Posdium Rank Despite Fall in Bog

Kolomý Holds Posdium Rank Despite Fall in Bog

At the beginning of today´s stage of Silk Way Rally Martin Kolomý fell in one of the Kazakh bogs and the resulting loss only allowed him to rank ninth in the finish. In the overall ranking the crew of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team still holds a podium rank, though.


Today the pilots set off for the fifth stage with a transfer from the capital city of Astana to the city of Semey. Martin Kolomý was the first to start and that became fatal for him. In the first half of the race he fell in one of the bogs on the way and had to wait for help to get out. The help came from the local pilot Ardavicus, while the pilots of MAZ passed by without noticing before him. The loss of over 30 minutes after the leader meant ninth rank in the stage. “Today we paid for the start as the first. We fel into a bog and had to wait for someone to pull us out. Unfortunately, none of the MAZs stopped to help, before Arthur did. My great thanks belong to him for that. Otherwise the route was beautiful again. What KAMAZ did is rather incomprehensible. They shorten the route in a way that lets me wonder whether they really need it. Never mind, we will continue to fight. The main thing is that our Tatra flies forward like a bird, giving us valuable preparatory lessons and experience for Dakar,“ were the assessing words of yesterday´s stage winner and now the third-ranking pilot surrounded by Russian KAMAZs.


Today´s stage also included the longest measured section in Kazakh territory, nearly 500 kilometres long. “Thinking of how long this stage was I do not feel tired at all, rather to the contrary, the longer the better,” added the smiling Kolomý.


Tomorrow the pilots will cover the last purely Kazakh stage with a transfer to the city of Urdzhar and the special less than 400 km long. The route is expected to be similar to today´s.

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