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Kolomý is Furious, Has to Overtake Slow Trucks Due to a Hose

Kolomý is Furious, Has to Overtake Slow Trucks Due to a Hose

At the second kilometre of the measured section of stage 4 of Dakar Rally the crew of Martin Kolomý had to repair a broken brake hose, which caused their drop down among slower trucks. Kolomý then had to work hard to overtake them, which only resulted in further time loss. Despite these problems the TATRA Buggyra Racing team remains at the leading ranks of the overall results table.

The fourth stage including transfer over the Andes mountain range on the way from Argentina to Chile bought bad luck to many front runners. Among them was also the winner of Dakar Rally 2012 Gerard De Rooy who did not finish because of a failure of the differential according to available information. The tempo was again set by the Russian Kamaz trucks. They occupy the first three ranks in the overall results table within the time span of less than three minutes, having built a considerable advantage over anybody who would like to try and chase them.


The stage starting from Chilecito was not successful for the crew of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team either, for Martin Kolomý had to repair part of the pneumatic system of his truck as soon as in the course of the second kilometre. "Don ´t ask me about anything!“ were the first words Kolomý uttered after arrival. However, two hours later Martin became a little more eloquent: "I would prefer wiping this day off completely. Two kilometres after start a pressure hose feeding air to the brakes broke down and we had to repair. We gained about a 30-minute loss and then we had to overtake all those trucks to get back where we had been before that. When we eventually managed we reached the dunes and had problems again. But nothing is lost yet , we are still at the beginning and 40 minutes need not necessarily decide anything.“


Martin Kolomý and his Fat Boy reached the finish of the fourth stage at the fifteenth rank and dropped in the overall ranking to the eighth rank with the loss of forty-four minutes after the leading pilot. For the fifth stage the team will use the "wild card" and Kolomý will start from the eleventh position instead of the fifteenth. 


The pass through the frontier crossing Paso San Francisko at 4,760 metres above sea level was difficult not only for the crews but also for many accompanying convoys. "Today a strange karma was acting on us, Martin having little problems on the route and our boys at the crossing. Now it is nearly midnight, there is a lot of work on the race truck and our accompanying vehicle is still on the road. The transfer across the Andes was very demanding, we could see a lot of cars buried in snowdrifts and many accompanying vehicles repairing something. But we have received information that our boys should reach us in no time now and then we will have to work hard to prepare the truck for Martin to be able to continue at full steam tomorrow,“ commented the Buggyra team manager Jan Kalivoda on the demanding transfer. 


The fifth stage from Copiapo to Antofagasta is the same for all categories. After a 174 km long transfer the racers will have to cover a measured section with the length of the incredible 458 kilometres. "Today another long stage is ahead of us. This time again in a quick tempo on a stony roadway with two climbs up to 3,000 metres above sea level. These are exactly the stages where not only the crews but also the technologies are tested. We have to prepare ours to work reliably,“ explained the progress of stage five the navigator René Kilián.

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