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Luboš Veselý - 20.01.2018

Kolomý Jets Through Stage and Ranks Seventh Overall!

Kolomý Jets Through Stage and Ranks Seventh Overall!

The last but one stage was burial place for the technology of many favourites. The pilot of the Tatra Buggyra Racing team Martin Kolomý coped well and ranked third in the finish. Thus in the interim ranking he moved to rank seven. Martin Šoltys ranks twelfth.


Martin Kolomý managed to fly through the treacherous stage thirteen as the third quickest and moved up to rank seven in the overall interim ranking. “A demanding stage this was, very bumpy and dangerous for the technology in the first half. We had to “trade it off” for I could see how the navigator was nervously grasping the roadbook, sometimes even unable to find it so I said there was no point in speeding. Our loss was too big to break the truck there to pieces so I slowed down. The second half was nice again, in the WRC style, only the closing section was so narrow that I was afraid that I might destroy a tyre there, for we approached the cars. The road was very dusty, we even left the track once. There was a left turn, and too much dust for me to see it, so I made a little clearance in their growth there. But the truck was all right. We jumped for a while then returned to the route. When I saw the mortality of the technologies along the track I began to believe that the final results would be very interesting,“ was Kolomý´s view of the last but one stage. This stage was also final for the leader of the overall ranking, pilot Villagra of Argentina.


This was one of the hardest stages in his life for the navigator Rostislav Plný. “I do not remember any more demanding section than the first one today. Bumpy, jumpy all over, fech-fech, sand, in short very hard 120 kilometres,” commented Rostislav Plný on the opening section of the stage. “The second half was much too dusty, we drove after a car for about thirty – forty kilometres, they did not want to let us in front of them, so We had to keep stuck to them to overtake them at the first opportunity. So we overlooked a turn which was veiled in dust and we left the track. Luckily there was nothing off there so we returned to the road and continued,” added Plný to the second section of the stage.


Martin Šoltys, the newcomer to Dakar, already held the ninth interim rank! “This is excellent! My goal was to reach Cordoba in an all right condition. And the chances to rank in the top ten? That would be a small miracle,” said Šoltys.


Results of stage 13:


1. Nikolaev                      KAMAZ          7:02:36

2. Mardeev                       KAMAZ          +00:50

3. KOLOMÝ                      TATRA         +06:06

4. Viazovich                     MAZ              +27:45

5. Sotnikov                       KAMAZ          +32:54                                     

?. ŠOLTYS                        TATRA         +?



Interim ranking after stage 13:


1. Nikolaev                       KAMAZ          53:13:33

2. Viazovich                     MAZ              +3:53:39

3. Mardeev                       KAMAZ          +5:21:05

4. Ardavichus                   IVECO           +6:36:37

5. Sugawara                    HINO            +7:59:48

7. KOLOMÝ                      TATRA         +9:01:18
12. ŠOLTYS                      TATRA         +21:44:54

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