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Kolomý Oversleeps New Year Entry!

Kolomý Oversleeps New Year Entry!

The members of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team celebrated New Year on board plane flying them over the Atlantic Ocean. Who did not take part in the celebration was Martin Kolomý who slept all the way. Now he is full of strength and ready to begin the struggle for victory in the competition!

"They only woke me up for breakfast, but my missing the New Year celebration has one advantage, for I have slept off all fatigue and now I am strong enough to begin racing immediately,“ said Kolomý with a smile, despite his oversleeping the beginning of the New Year in the plane.


After arrival at the bivouac the mechanics checked the Fat Boy for potential damage during the long journey by boat. "Luckily all is okay,“ stated the co-pilot David Kilián. "Our preparation in the past couple of months was really hard and so we can safely say that we are ready. But how ready we are will only be shown when the competition itself begins.“


Today the racing special Tatra 815 Buggyra will undergo the last technological inspection. "When the truck successfully passed the tests before admittance to the competition last year I do not see why its should be different this year. As the greatest emphasis is placed on safety, we will all undergo a test of non-flammability of our outfit, among other things. I have never seen a truck in flames and so I hope nobody will need these safety elements this year either," revealed the programme of the following day Martin Kolomý.


After the technical admittance tests the Fat Boy together with the other trucks will be locked in the parc fermé where it will stay until the ceremonial start of the rally scheduled for 3rd January. 


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