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Luboš Veselý - 09.01.2019

Kolomý Rises to Top 10, Šoltys Suffers Through Stage Two

Kolomý Rises to Top 10, Šoltys Suffers Through Stage Two

Martin Kolomý made his way to Top 10 in the second stage of the Dakar Rally 2019 from Pisco to San Juan De Marcona, ranking ninth in the stage and then in the overall interim ranking as well. The second pilot of the Tatra Buggyra Racing tem, Martin Šoltys, ranked sixteenth in the second speed test.


“Today was the beginning of the real Dakar, as the organizers warned. The most important thing is that both trucks are in the depot and there is enough time to prepare them for tomorrow. We have in fact survived the critical stage in which Martin Kolomý gained the huge loss last year. Today he coped very well. Martin Šoltys had some minor complications, but the hour loss he gained today will probably not play a role at the end of the race as demanding as this is,” said the team manager Jan Kalivoda.


Martin Kolomý praised this stage, moving him up to the ninth overall rank. “Today the route was really wonderful. Beautiful dune climbs, big craters, but our Tatra supported us in every situation. We had some problems with the organizers´ GPS. One wrote to us that we got the point and the other that we did not. So we returned, just in case. Dakar is long and there is no point in hurrying from the very beginning and collecting penalties which can be avoided. We have reserves and will begin to speed up a little from now on. I am satisfied with the result, the truck is like new, not a single scratch, so we can continue,“ was the praise of stage two by the native of Bruntál.


The second pilot of the Tatra Buggyra Racing team had to manage several complications in the course of the stage and finally ranked sixteenth. “Today was the first real Dakar stage, with many kilometres, both of the pass and of the race itself. Up to some kilometre 130 everything worked as expected but then the tube for rear tyre inflation broke. the wheel blasted because of overheating and we had to stop and change it. There we lost a little. Towards the end we lost some time looking for a point. So more thing met today but we are only at the beginning. The mechanics will have to service the trucks overnight and we will continue in the battle tomorrow,” said Martin Šoltys.


The third stage starts from San Juan de Marcona and ends in Arequipa. The pilots will face a long pass, 467 kilometres, and a 331 kilometre race.

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