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Luboš Veselý - 08.07.2017

Kolomý Scores First Stage Victory!

Kolomý Scores First Stage Victory!

The pilot of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team started the Silk Way Rally like this year´s edition of the Dakar Rally scoring stage victory right away. And yet Kolomý keeps calm.


The first racing day only consisted of a 61-kilometre-long stage. Plus a 10-hour transfer between Moscow and Tcheboksary where the racing specials started their competition. The whole measured section was muddy and Kolomý liked that. So he could set a very quick tempo from the beginning to rank fourth at the first meantime measurement point. At the end of the stage he accelerated even further and finished with the best time with an advantage of 51 seconds over his countryman Loprais. “This stage was absolutely ideal for me. Tatra worked excellently. The road was muddy, with some occasional raining, which I like. My crew tunes up together but without problems so far and I believe in continuous improvement,“ commented Martin Kolomý on his premiere start in the Silk Way Rally. He does not ponder about his victory too much yet, though. “We are still at the beginning and as I like to say, this is a marathon competition and the final result will matter most.


After the race finished the TATRA Buggyra Racing team was left in uncertainty for a couple of minutes. “In the finish we had to settle with the organizers some missing pass point records. In the end they found out there was a problem with the recording device and more vehicles were affected,“ explained the development engineer of the Roudnice team Robin Dolejš.


The following day the pilots will set off from Tcheboksary to Ufa along a route nearly 700 km long with 157 kilometres measured and similar road surface as today.

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